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Love the Club in DC and Remy Martin Album Release Party for No More Dull Moments

So this Weekend 4/29 /11 Love the Club in DC and Remy Martin threw my first Release Party for No More Dull Moments. Here are a few pics. S/o to Monica Warr and Ice…


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Remi Martin Presents: CD Release Party @ LOVE

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"Hot Shyt" pick

I first heard this song a few weeks ago. I been waiting for the vid. Kelly and Weezy kilt it!  The vid was directed by Sarah Chatfield. Frank Gatson did the choreography and made me mess with the song 10x more. The energy on this joint is Blazing,Chk it Out                                                        …


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"Inspirational Corner"

Ladies I ran across this vid of a Dope Poet by the name of Janette. As I looked on  a few different things came to mind. This may be the solution to alot of problems females face when feeling like they NEED luv.Not realizing that they looking and waiting for the wrong person . Im def emailing this to a few friends...Get Ready to be Inspired...........Im a guy and was still Ins…


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DMV Helps Haiti...

  I recieved a call  from a good friend of mines @CandiceNicolePR  . Telling me that it was time for the 2nd Annual DMV helps Haiti  Concert. Without questioning {as I didn't the year before when I was asked to perform wit @IamDonJuan at D.C's 9:30 Club for the kickoff Concert}  was down to do whatever she needed.This year Concert was held at The Warehouse Loft located in Washington, DC. A few well-known…


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2010 Bowie State University Performance...s/o to BP Cinema

s/o to my dancers {choreographer}Ebony Hamilton,Kai J,Monica Warr,and Ice {check her out on Laurianne Gibson upcoming Reality Show}

Deangelo, bowie performance from…


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I wanna go on a Journey..............

 On my 18th bday I went to the Stu to record what will become my most popular song to date.A sexy ballad that I called "Journey"..Since then ive walked in strip clubs while dancers danced to it.Folks from around the World have hit me up telling me how the song gets played in their cities. Ladies everywhere have expressed to me how they are in love wit this song.Browsing youtube I noticed that People have made a habit of uploading them dancing and singing to it.I luv…


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"HOTT SHYT" picks

Every now and then I'll hear songs/artist that I cant stop listening to..I call them My "Hott Shyt" picks. Heres my latest motivation dat gives me inspiration..Enjoy..

This guy Frank Ocean is Supa Dope.He's apart of the crew Odd Future,A Los Angeles-based collective of rappers, producers, skateboarders, filmmakers, designers and general…


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An EvenIng wit D.Redman feat @IamDonJuan and my bad Ass dancers Monica Warr,Denise n Eb

s/o to the fam @ALLDAYINDAPAINT for hosting the event for me..Chk out a little bit of the show below


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D.Redman School Takeover...s/o to Benjamin Stoddert

Chk me out as I surprise the kids of Benjamin Stoddert .Which led to us  being asked to leave the school..They went CRAZYYYYYY!!!!!Fun Times...

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Addicted ..Produced by @Invinciblebeats ...Directed by Mike Brown

A early Mornin in Coney Island..No Sleep but we Got it N Heavy..s/o to my fam Cornell Miller ,Stylist Atiba Newsome,and Ms Daisha for playing my Cutie n da vid


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Download DeAngelo's New Single:

Download the new single "Hurricane" Now!

Click Here to…


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